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Why I am running for
State Representative of House District 19

Every so often, the people who represent us need a good reminder that we send them to the Texas State Capitol to represent our community and us—not a political party, ideology, or personal ambition.

Our politics are dysfunctional at the state and federal levels—the causes are many. And, unfortunately, in this broken system, our communities' local needs are often an afterthought to those who put political and personal ambitions ahead of the local good.

No political party is immune from toxic partisanship. Cheap political rhetoric promotes fear and distrust of our neighbors. Both parties are too eager to reap the rewards that political divisiveness brings rather than focusing on the common good.

That is why when I ask the good people of District 19 for their vote, I will do so as an Independent. Because our water quality isn’t protected or improved when political parties encourage mistrust. Our electric grid doesn’t work better when elected leaders mock our neighbors, the very neighbors who come to our aid in times of crisis. Our property taxes don’t stabilize when politicians point to the “people over there” as the reason for the increasing financial burden—even when those same elected officials make the ultimate decisions.

There is no better place in America to say we aren't going to take divisive partisanship another day than the spirited and independent Texas Hill Country.

Join me in telling the elected officials of this state that neighbors intend to come together to find common ground for the local good, free of extreme talking points. A campaign grounded in honest discussion where our everyday problems are addressed—because a Hill Country stream knows no political party nor a hilltop an ideological position.


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Who is Kodi Sawin?

Kodi grew up with a football coaching dad and home economics teaching mom—sandwiched between two brothers.

Her grandparents were kind and generous with their wisdom. Her grandfather Marv is one of her all-time heroes—giant intellect, courageous heart, and talented poultryman to boot. He imparted to her the importance of knowing how the world works, threading conversations with honesty, and bringing folks together to get work done.

Kodi is a graduate of Canyon High School in the Texas Panhandle and Texas State University.

She founded the Sawin Group, specializing in public and government affairs for infrastructure and natural resource projects. Kodi is recognized for her knowledge and expertise in water issues in Texas. She works with utilities, landowners, and non-profits.

Her work affords her the opportunity to travel both the proverbial and literal road between red and blue Texas on a regular basis and has for some time. She looks forward to traversing the same well-worn paths to talk about issues important to her neighbors including water/wastewater, fixing the grid, and land use and transportation.

"I am running as an Independent for State Representative House District 19 to make politics local again. I intend to focus my campaign on property taxes, water quality and quantity, land use, and issues meaningful to the good folks of HD 19."

- Kodi Sawin, Independent for State Representative Texas House District 19


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